Phone Booth 5 year anniversary show

So stoked to be part of the Phone Booth Gallery 5 Year Anniversary Show. I’ve been fortunate to show work with gallery for a little over a year and can’t wait to see the show up on the walls. There’s going to be so many rad artists and I’m super excited to be included with them.



Tiger Blood

Just did something I should of done a while ago but kept putting off which is to set a store front attached to the website. I have originals and some prints available at very affordable prices. Go ahead and check it out!

Wrecked and Ravaged

I am in a show with one of my closest friends, Paul Alvarez III, at Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach, CA. The show is entitled Wrecked and Ravaged and will be up until October 30th. Stop by and check out some original art work and pick up a print.

The Shaman



Here’s a new piece a did for a show called Riff’n on 4th at Art Du Vin in Long Beach this Wednesday. It’s curated by my good friend Paul Alvarez and features some really talented artists from the Long Beach area. I’m super excited to be part of this show and can’t wait to see all the work that’s going to be showing.



Life Drawing

I attended a life drawing class a few weeks ago in San Pedro. It’s been a while but it was nice to get back to fundamentals.

Graphite and watercolor on paper

Graphite and watercolor on paper


Graphite and watercolor on paper


Feral Marks

I’m very excited to announce that on Wed. Feb 8 some of my work will be showing at Art du Win in Long Beach. Come by and have a glass of wine and pick yourself up a limited edition print. Hope to see you there.


Siamese Twins

I recently finished this piece for a show that my friend, Philip Vargas curated at Long Beach State. The show was a collaboration between metal majors and illustration majors which I thought was a fun concept. This is the piece that I made for the show.


Flying Falcon


New Blog and Website

Hey everyone. This is my new blog that is connected to my newly redesigned website. I’m going to be posting new work and updates as often as possible. Hope you enjoy and thanks for checking it out.